President Chain Store Corp. (PCSC) was established in 1978 by President Enterprises Corp. (PEC) to introduce 7-ELEVEN stores into Taiwan. Known for its clean, spacious, and bright store front, 7-ELEVEN ignited a revolution in Taiwan's convenience retailing industry. After struggling for seven challenging years, PCSC finally turned loss into gain. With proactive store expansion plans and creative marketing strategies, 7-ELEVEN has consolidated its leadership position among convenience retailers in Taiwan.

  7-ELEVEN stores can now be found everywhere in Taiwan. From mountains to ocean-side, every 7-ELEVEN store is tightly connected with the daily operations of our distribution system and real-time information provided by the POS System. This extensive network forms a highly effective Web-based platform and gives PCSC an extraordinary advantage to be an indispensable part of consumers' daily life.

  To bring convenience and quality services to to consumers , 7-ELEVEN continues to innovate and introduce a broad selection of products, new convenient services, and thematic marketing campaigns which change the definition of convenience stores in Taiwan. With our efforts, we have successfully transformed the convenience retailing industry and brought the consumers brand new experiences. 7-ELEVEN also shoulders the role of a responsible corporate citizen by devising sustainable managerial strategies to become an environmentally-friendly enterprise.

  In the future, based on its shared service and resources, PCSC will continue to expand its retail channels, virtual channels, and distribution support systems to extend the already successful domestic business model into global markets.