Over 80% of 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide are franchised, and therefore a sophisticated franchise system is required to sustain consistent service quality and boost sales performance. With the philosophy of professional division of labour and co-prosperity in mind, 7-ELEVEN has developed a franchise system which provides professional educational training and comprehensive business development support to franchisees. Training programs tailored to the needs of different positions in a franchise store are offered to equip store owners as well as staff members with necessary competencies. From store managers, assistant managers, front-line staff, to part-timers, training in areas including sales, marketing, finance, and customer services are organized on a regular basis to ensure that everyone acquires store operation know-how to take their business to the next level. Furthermore, in order to develop an "Ideal Franchise System",7-ELEVEN offers franchisees special packages in terms of food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment, so they can concentrate on their business more.

    The strong support system at 7-ELEVEN sets our franchisees apart in the convenience retailing market. Composed of an advanced second-generation POS system, a highly efficient product distribution system, innovative products, services, and marketing strategies, our outstanding logistics capability allows franchisees to focus more of their efforts on store operations and customer services to increase their competitiveness and generate higher profits.

Comprehensive Franchise Business Support
Ideal Franchise System with Business Development Consultation