At 7-ELEVEN stores, each swipe of a barcode represents a piece of sales transaction being saved to the immense database of the POS system, which collects information from the seven million consumers who shop at 7-ELEVEN every day. Our powerful POS system, which manages thousands of products, the processing of orders from stores, and the collection and analysis of daily sales data, is an essential tool which facilitates the operation of 7-ELEVEN.

    To pinpoint consumer needs, PCSC introduced the second-generation POS (point of sales) system in 2003. The new system updates immediate sales and inventory information hourly, publishes weather forecasts four times a day, and transmits consolidated product information for multi-media presentation. This system has enabled us to manage information in a strategic way and increase our competitiveness.

    Through this powerful information system, the 7-ELEVEN headquarter responds to consumer needs timely, improves our line of products and develops new products accordingly, strengthens procurement power and sales forecast, and devises targeted marketing strategie information system also allows store owners to learn the characteristics of the business district in which they operate, place accurate orders, minimize inventory and write-offs, and upgrade operations standards to boost sales performance. rmance.