To offer consumers a more diverse selection of products and services, new products hit the shelves every two weeks at 7-ELEVEN. Best-selling products from overseas are also introduced to our stores via international procurement to add to our select assortment while the private label 7-select is launched to cater to the needs of our customers in the globalized world. Our in-depth understanding of consumer behaviors as well as demand serves as the backbone behind 7-select product design. Providing consumers with a wide spectrum of high quality products with sleek design, 7-select is expected to set off yet another wave of consumer revolution of affordable fashion.

    7-ELEVEN is also a prominent player in the delicatessen market with the constant launch of new fresh food which cover onigiri, bento, sushi, and sandwich products. We boast of preservative-free products and adhere to health and safety standards even more stringent than national standards. All suppliers of 7-ELEVEN deli foods are certified GMP, CAS, and HACCP food manufacturers who source largely from local producers. Adopting the farm-to-table philosophy and contract farming model with local farmers, 7-ELEVEN guarantee that only food of top quality are delivered to our customers. Be it produce preservation, agrochemical use, harvesting standards, or food processing, our best practices are driving the improvement of Taiwan's delicatessen market by raising the bar both in food safety and quality.