7-ELEVEN is a trend-setter as we offer all kinds of convenience services and bring fun to the life of customers, who can easily access any convenience service at a 7-ELEVEN store nearby. For instance, consumers are able to purchase local specialties 24/7, pay utility bills, use ATM machines, make photocopies, send faxes, print colored documents, develop photos, use Takkyubin express delivery services, and gain access to Wifly, CHT WiFi, and use the 7-ELEVEN private label, 7WiFi wireless internet services.

    7-ELEVEN is also the first convenience retailer in Taiwan to issue the icash, an exclusive electronic purse card system. The icash saves consumers the trouble of fumbling for coins and bills at check-out counters, making shopping at 7-ELEVEN much more efficient. On the other hand, the ibon kiosk integrates eight different functions which include top-up service, ticket purchase, credit card bonus redemption, travel arrangement, file download, utility bill payment, printing, and other services that bring convenience and create more options for our consumers. The interoperable systems of ibon and the digital all-in-one printer create a mobile business center which offer users high quality and efficient printing, photocopy and data output services on a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the brand 7-mobile was established in 2010, offering monthly payment telecommunication contracts to consumers and marking PCSC's official role as a genuine 24/7 telecommunications service provider.