Taiwan has the highest density and greatest variety of 7-ELEVEN stores worldwide. Started out as small shops around the corner or in the local community, 7-ELEVEN stores can now be found everywhere, from urban cities to rural villages, from mountainous regions to coastal areas, and from Taiwan to its offshore islands. Wherever you go, be it schools, metro stations, train stations, High Speed Rail (HSR) stations, hospitals and shopping centers, you will always find 7-ELEVEN stores ready to serve your needs anytime, anywhere.

    7-ELEVEN was the first convenience retailer to extend its network to Hualien and Taitung in Eastern Taiwan in 1997, and to an offshore island - Penghu in 1999. In 2003, we took our operations to a higher altitude by opening the 7-ELEVEN Life Style Center in Ching Jing Farm, located at an elevation of 1743 meters. With logistical hurdles finally cleared, stores were finally opened on offshore islands - Green Island in 2005, and Matsu in April, 2006. In November 2007, we opened the Alishan Life Style Center at the peak of Alishan Mountain, taking the success of our brand to a new height.

    7-ELEVEN continues to track the changing trends in the consumer world to renew our operations. With resources from PCSC group, we made our way into various large-scale shopping centers throughout Taiwan, providing products and services that match the needs of each business district, and opening large and clean seating areas that offer shoppers a more comfortable dining and shopping environment. With 7-ELEVEN stores on site, business districts boom and prosper since 7-ELEVEN is a hub which attracts customers with products and services which make their lives easier.