Over seven million customers enjoy the convenience and satisfaction brought about by over 4,800 7-ELEVEN stores in Taiwan every day. 7-ELEVEN has not revolutionalized our products to take our services to the next level but also shouldered the role of a responsible citizen of the society. In 1988, 7-ELEVEN launched the campaign titled "Discovering Love", in which customers can make small donations by leaving the change they receive at our check-out counters in a donation box. For over twenty years, this charitable campaign has raised over NT$ 1.4 billion, which has been distributed to over a hundred charities and minority group support foundations.

    To strengthen our role as an active member of local communities, 7-ELEVEN established "PCSC Good Neighbor Cultural and Educational Foundation" in 1999. Harnessing the power and resources of all of our stores, the foundation has engaged in activities that improve the environment and life qualities in different communities. For example, in response to the risks of global warming, 7-ELEVEN has initiated an energy-saving initiative that encourages every store to use energy more efficiently. 7-ELEVEN is also the leader in exercising recycling in the retail convenient store industry. All of the above initiates have propelled many Taiwanese citizens to join the league of conserving resources and loving the earth. In 2010, PCSC became the first retailer in Taiwan that has a special CSR committee in our internal management structure, showing our determination to integrate CSR into our management and operation strategies. With the establishment of a CSR vision and a clear direction for our future development, 7-ELEVEN wishes to expand our influence step by step and contribute to the growth and advancement of our society.

The CSR vision of 7-ELEVEN - a company that creates happiness
7-ELEVEN is dedicated to becoming an excellent company that brings happiness and convenient lifestyles to all our customers. We are dedicated to maximizing our common interest while serving the role of a responsible and upright citizen. We wish to become a driving force of continued progress and stability of the society.

Investing more than 30 million NT into promoting clean up
campaigns in the past 10+ years, attracting more than
300,000 participants.
7-ELEVEN Kaohsiung Medical University (1) store invites
Open Chan, a kids' favorite, to promote the importance
of hand washing.
Kids enjoying themselves at Doraemon cloloring contest
organized by 7-ELEVEN Songbo store.
7-ELEVEN volunteers help those with disabilities learn
the basic skills to live independently.